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Welcome to CONREQ

For more than 10 years CONREQ presents its innovative designs enhanced with high quality affordable price policies, to the taste of its customers.

Today, both domestically and abroad, the company is in a position as the only company that is able to deliver the most economical, secure and fast sales/technical maintenance service via the professional authorized dealers that are positioned as “local.

CONREQ provides services like design, planning, selection of appropriate and affordable materials, resolution of the technical details and conduction of manufacturing
with the architect, engineer, designer employees in its payroll each of whom are certified and specialists in their respective fields.​

CONREQ has established a strong base for manufacturing and distributing the products around the world with installation services offered for best result. The variety of products offers many options to choose the best for your place, CONREQ produces all motorized shading systems ( Pergola, Bioclimatic, Awnings ) and Glass enclosures. 

The company has executed its studies with its understanding that takes the customer satisfaction as the basis and it has realized its progress with the power of this satisfaction. We pay our respects to you with the desire and wish of seeing you among our satisfied customer portfolio

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